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Process Engineering

Our engineers have many years of practical experience with the complex integrated processes from the feed and food manufacturing industry.

Whatever the challenge is, we will work with a holistic approach  at your production to identify the root causes and based on this develop a long-term solution.

Process Integration provides many types of services including a detailed review and plant survey, 3D scanning and modulations. Others require a process flow analysis, on-site troubleshooting and debottleneck studies.

When performing these tasks, it is very important to take the interactions between units into account, and, based on this information develop and design improvements that will optimize your overall production.

Our engineers provide innovative and tailor-made detailed engineering solutions that will meet the design criteria while considering the context of the whole factory.

Services provided are:

- Project management

- Technical calculations

- Time schedule management

- Benchmarking of suppliers

- On-site services, debottleneck and troubleshooting

During the engineering process, we prepare detailed documentation for the work and ensure the feasibility by taking the life-time operation cost into account and ensuring the best possible return on your investment.