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Aqua Feed

Process equipment and production lines manufacturing extruded or pelletized feed

Pet Food

Process equipment and production lines manufacturing extruded dry pet food, as well as wet canned pet foods

Sustainable Proteins

Sustainable Proteins

Feeding the worlds animals proteins through the process of manufacturing feeds

Beer tank

Liquid Food & Beverages

Developing hygienic processes for all kinds of food applications

Installation and maintenance

In close cooperation with our customers and our international network of suppliers who are all specialists in their field, Process Integration ensures optimal project implementation and a solution that meets all requirements and expectations of quality, capacity, schedule and budget.

Who we are

Your solution partner

We are a one-stop solutions provider offering services within all project phases from basic design to final hand-over within our three departments:

  • Aqua Feed & Pet Food
  • Liquid Food & Beverages
  • Service and Installation

At Process Integration we do not see ourselves as a supplier or a contractor, but as a partner and our job is to form long lasting partnerships with feed and food manufacturing companies and help them reach their goals, meet the strict quality and efficiency demands of production and minimize the environmental impact.

  • Initial feasibility
  • Upgrade existing production lines
  • Turn-key solutions
  • Design and engineering
  • Project Management
  • Supplying equipment
  • On-site Installation and supervision
  • Commissioning


Since 2015, when we started our business in Denmark, we have grown and are now represented in four countries.