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Plant and process design

During the design phase even from the smallest change in an existing line to a new green field factory, we take pride in our hands-on experience from the feed and food production industry. We use our ability to transform specific design details and, at the same time, always look at the bigger picture to make the facility as effective and sustainable as possible.

Even the  smaller changes and optimizations to existing lines is in our scope.

During the design phase,  redesign of existing facilities or, adding a new line means managing the master plan and full enterprise solutions for new facilities.

To help build a business case a feasibility studies and pre-design is important and Process Integration is  your partner from the very first idea to production start.

Services provided are:

- Flow diagrams

- 3D layout drawings

- General arrangement drawings

- Master site plans

- Pipe layout and isometric drawings

Our goal is always to design a solution, that will meet your needs and resolve your immediate challenges and with our holistic approach will also enable you to adapt to future needs and changes in production. Minimizing the life-cycle cost of the facility and maximizing the return on investment (ROI).