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Equipment supply and installation

Are you looking to expand your production or replace a piece of equipment, we will work with you to identify the optimal solution and manage the complete installation works.

Our offering covers from the initial feasibility study, solution design, through procurement of equipment, on-site installation, commissioning and troubleshooting to the final hand-over.

We are independent of any machine suppliers, however we have an extensive global network of suppliers, that we work closely with alongside you to ensure that we always identify the best equipment and secure the optimal solution to meet the specific needs.

Whether you require a fully or partly installation service, we can provide a tailored workforce matching your specific needs.

We always bring specialist expertise, experience, professionalism and a strong focus on delivering sustainable, innovative solutions custom-made to meet your needs.

Services provided are:

- Advisory and selection of qualified equipment vendors

- Benchmarking and rating

- Quality inspection and control

- Commissioning

- Troubleshooting   

During the project execution we apply rigorous inspection and quality procedures and our team of experienced supervisors, who can provide site management and oversee the entire process. The supervisors ensure a safe and timely delivery and manage cost and quality control while keeping a holistic view on the works to increase the overall efficiency of the entire solution and reducing the need for future investment.