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Lutena Vacuum Conveyor Systems



The Lutena Conveyor Systems can be used to transport a range of different materials and products, from the finest powdery substances to small items several centimetres in size.

The Lutena Conveyor Systems are used in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industry as well as in metal and plastic processing and many other sectors of industry. 

  • Powdery substances – flour, sugar, protein powder, paint pigments, more…
  • Granular substances – grains/seeds, coffee beans, frozen peas, sand, more…
  • Coarse-grained substances – gravel, screws, more…
  • Small items – nuts, diced produce, other frozen foods, more…

A Vacuum Conveyor System has several benefits in automatic handling, and transport compared to traditional conveyors.

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This Vacuum conveyor is a compact pneumatic transport which provides a strong, efficient and clean solution for automatic transport of powder, granules and small items. A well-dimensioned Vacuum conveyor will reduce waste as compared to traditional conveyors. The systems also prove to be easier to clean, lowering the costs of maintenance cost and downtime.


Whether ordering a Lutena vacuum conveyor in connection with a larger project or as a stand-alone order, we will dimension the capacity to suit the production need. We help find the most suitable filter configuration for your application.


We deliver the accessories needed for the specific system like:

  • Feed station
  • Suction lance
  • Feed adapter
  • Connection pieces
  • Police filters
  • Adaptor for external vacuum source
  • Distributors
  • Control units

Hygienic design

The system provides a clean and safe transport for hygienic use. Vacuum conveyor material in contact with the products is according to FDA regulation, EC 1935/2004 and EC 10/2011, and meets the application requirements for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


The Vacuum Conveyor transport is optimal for reducing dust in the work zone. The Lutena Conveyor is approved for operating in dust ATEX Zones.


The system is modular and flexible. The transport capacity can be fitted up to 9 tons/hour and up to 30 meters distance, and able to filter particles from 0.5mm up to 35mm.

Mobile test unit

Don't take our word for it.

We have a mobile test unit, that allows us to test the system on your product and on your site. Get in touch, and we will find a solution that suits your product needs.

The right power class for your activities

The right power class for your activities