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Food and Flavor

Food production and production of flavours, additives and other ingredients for the food industry are met with very strict demands for hygiene and food processing regulations. Hygienic design of machinery and plant layout is crucial to maintain food safety. At the same time, new environmental standards and the consumer focus on natural and sustainable food is making development and production more complex.

Production performance and cost control are key to any business, whether you are looking to optimize a single processing line or build a new factory, we will work with you to identify the best solution for your production and minimizing the life-cycle cost of the facility.

Production setup must be very flexible and scalable to meet the requirements for constantly changing needs. In a competitive consumer marked innovation is required to reduce formulation cost, maintain safety standards and ensure uniformly high quality every time.

Quality control and traceability throughout the production are key to maintain high credibility and customer relationships.

Starting with the specific challenges faced by your company, whether it is an optimization of a single machine, the complete processing line or build a whole new factory, Process Integration works with you to identify the best solution for your production, and make sure it will happen as planned.